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Dry Eyes

Scott S Weissman, MD -  - Ophthalmologist

Scott S Weissman, MD

Ophthalmologist located in Midtown East, New York, NY

Your eyes rely on tears to stay properly lubricated. When your tears don’t work the way they should, your eyes can dry out, causing continual discomfort throughout your day. Fortunately, Scott S. Weissman, MD, has both the experience and expertise — including a fellowship in corneal diseases — to effectively treat your dry eyes at his office in Midtown East, Manhattan. To get the best care for your dry eyes, call the New York City office of Scott S. Weissman, MD, or make your appointment online today.

Dry Eyes Q & A

Are dry eyes normal?

It’s normal to experience dry eyes some of the time. But if you continually feel like your eyes are too dry, it’s most likely a sign that your tears aren’t functioning correctly.

In addition to a general feeling of dryness, dry eyes can cause:

  • Redness
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurred vision
  • Stinging or burning
  • Eye fatigue
  • The feeling of something in your eye
  • Problems driving at night

Interestingly, dry eyes can also cause watery eyes as your body tries to relieve the dryness. Unfortunately, these tears are mostly water and don’t contain the oils and mucus found in healthy tears. If your eyes regularly feel irritated, don’t wait to make an appointment at Scott S. Weissman, MD, to see relief from dry eyes.

What causes dry eyes?

Dry eyes always come down to a problem with your tears. This condition is most frequently caused by:

Insufficient tears

If your eyes don’t naturally produce enough tears, you’ll regularly feel like your eyes are dry. Medications, tear gland damage, and aging can all reduce tear production in your eyes.

Imbalanced tears

To properly lubricate your eyes, your tears need to contain the right balance of three components: water, oil, and mucus. An issue with any one of these can result in your tears not working correctly. That’s why you can have dry eyes even when your eyes are watery.

Tear evaporation

Some environments like windy places or habits like not blinking enough can cause your tears to evaporate too quickly, leading to dry eyes.

How are dry eyes treated?

At the office of Scott S. Weissman, MD, his team of experts offers the latest treatments available. What’s more, they can diagnose your dry eyes and start your treatment on the same day.

Most people get notable dry eye relief with:


Medicated eye drops can increase your body’s ability to produce tears and relieve inflammation on the surface of your eye, bringing you relief. At Scott S. Weissman, MD, the team offers:

  • Xiidra®
  • CEQUA™

With these eye drops, many patients find quick relief from their dry eye symptoms.

Punctal plugs

Dr. Weissman can place these tiny silicone plugs in your tear ducts, slowing drainage from your eye. This helps your eyes make better use of their own tears and causes any artificial tears you add to be more effective.

Get relief for your dry eyes by calling Scott S. Weissman, MD, or making an appointment online today.